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Solder King Products.

HF Flux Gel

A halogen free, clear tacky flux gel, HF Flux Gel provides good activity for re-working / repairing components soldered with lead and lead free alloys. HF Flux Gel is also suited to tinning operations which require a viscous gel. HF Flux Gel is suitable for all commercial electronic manufacturing soldering operations where the use of a IPC flux type ROL0 is considered an accepted no clean technology. The Gel is provided in convenient 10cc and 30cc syringes which can be provided with a manual plunger or air wiper piston for automated dispensing systems. HF Flux Gel is also provided in bulk 100g or 500g pots or 6oz and 12oz Semco type cartridges


Micro Connnect P2020 Solder Paste

A high-performance lead free, no clean solder paste, formulated for lead free surface mount assemblies requiring excellent, defect free soldering of even the most difficult to solder components and board finishes, including OSP, ENIG, Ag, Sn and HASL. Micro Connect P2020 leaves minimal clear, post reflow residue. Available in 4 and Type 5 powder size. Micro Connect P2020 offers a wide process window using many reflow profile types and recommended for both air and nitrogen applications. Providing a long pot and stencil life in excess of 3 days and is suitable for all electronic manufacturing where the use of a J-STD004B flux type ROL1 is considered an acceptable no-clean technology.


CXW-70 Cored Solder Wires

A high performing Clear Residue, No Clean Cored Solder Wire for consistent, fast flowing robot soldering for consumer electronics soldering operations where a J-STD 004B flux type ROL1 is considered accepted no clean technologies.

Excellent wetting of all lead-free substrates and component finishes.

Residues can be removed if required using Solderking spray in air, spray under immersion or Ultrasonic cleaning solutions leaving a clean tin salt free, non-whiting finish. Available in lead free alloys SAC405, SAC305, SAC0307 and Sc100e


SK C2-08 Stencil Cleaning Solution

Stencil cleaner for effective removal of solder paste, uncured inks and paste flux at room temperature.

Effective for stencil under wiping in printers

Can be used as spray in air, spray pressure or ultrasonic as a mechanical separator.

Flashpoint >61ºC allowing it to be classified as non flammable.

Moderate evaporation rate

Environmentally friendly, with low odour and no ozone depleting substances.


SK F8 VOC Free Soldering Flux

A VOC free, no clean spray flux with superior wetting, no solder balling and wide operating window. Water based and non-flammable, SK F8 offers exceptional cleanliness with a wide process window and superior hole fill. The unique activity system provides excellent heat stabilisation for lead free soldering and sustained activity for the demands of dual wave operations. SK F8 is rosin and resin free leaving minimal non-tacky residue which conforms to JSTD-004 flux type ORL0. Excellent soldering results with all lead free alloys including SAC alloys, SN100C and Solderking Sc100e lead free solder alloy.


SK F4-7 Low Residue Soldering Flux

SK F4-7 is a moderately low solids content (3%) alcohol foam and spray no clean flux. With a low level addition of resin, SK F4-7 provides even greater heat stabilisation for lead free soldering operation and is particu-larly suited to selective soldering operations. SK F4-7 leaves the absolute minimum of non-tacky or surfactant oily residue and is considered an accepted no clean technology when the end use demands the use of a J-STD 004 type ROL0 flux.