Talon A20-1200-6 Humidity Control Dry cabinet
Code: Talon A20-1200-6 Humidity Control cabinet
Talon A20-1200-6 Humidity Control Dry cabinet

Product Description


A20-1200-6 Humidity control dry cabinet
Humidity control dry cabinet
Product number:
A1200-6-A20-110-W (110V)
A1200-6-A20-230-W (230V)

This dry cabinet is designed to protect the electronic gadgets and valueable collections from moisture damage. A20 type is adjustable from 20%RH to 50%RH. The interior environment is controlled by precise digital controller. The storage condition of relative humidity and temperature can be traced and graphed easily by Dr. Storage’s data logger.

Humidity Range: 20~50%RH (adjustable)
External Dimension: W1200*D672*H1820mm
Internal Dimension: W1198*D645*H1618mm
Capacity: 1250L
Shelves: 5 shelves
Color: white
Voltage: 110V/230V (select voltage in advance) 
Display Precision: ±3%RH, ±1℃
Software: Humidity Manager V2 for drawing the curve of RH and temperature.
Structure: 1mm thick carbon steel with paint.
Door: Handles, airtight magnetic sealers and glass.
Wheel: four 3” wheels, two of them with brakes.
Grounding Wire: 1MΩ. (940mm long)
Power Consumption: Ave. 5Wh; Max. 140W