SV520 Rework Station
Code: Talon SV520 Rework Station
SV520 Rework Station

Product Description

Talon SV520 Rework Station.


Upper heater: hot-air 800W                                    Lower heater: hot-air 800W     

Bottom pre heater infrared: 3000W                          Power supply: single-phase 220V,50/60Hz,4.5KW

Workable PCB dimension: 20x20~450x400mm        Workable PCB thickness: 0.5mm ~ 3mm           

Workable BGA dimension: 1x1mm ~ 70x70mm        Min pitch of BGA ball:  0.15mm

Placement precision:0.01mm                                 Max.BGA weight:  300g

Machine dimension: L700×W600×H800mm             Weight: Appox. 120Kgs

The movable heating head is easy to operate; hot air head and mounting head are manually controlled; PCB sliding rack is micro-adjustable with X and Y ases;

Color optical system with functions such as spilt vision, zoom-in and micro-adjust, autofocus and menu operation, equipped with aberration detection device;

Embedded industrial computer can analyze the two practically-tested profiles, and compare them with the history saved profiles; saving no limit for  the industrial computer

Color LCD monitor, touch screen interface;

Three heaters heating independently, both upper and lower heater can control multi stages on the profile simultaneously, large bottom IR heating area to heat PCB evenly; temperature, time, rate, cooling and alarm events are all displayed on the touch screen;

Over-heating protection for the hot air heating head; temperature of hot air in the upper and infrared at the bottom is program controllable; 6segments of temperature up(down) and 6 segments constant temperature control, profile saving is unlimited in the industrial computer; profile analysis can be carried out on the touch screen; with computer communication function as computers, with communication software attached; with temperature measurement function;

The supports for the BGA soldering supporting frame are micro-adjustable to restrain local sinkage in the soldering area;

Built-in vacuum pump;60 rotating in φ angle mounting nozzle is micro-adjustable.

Large IR pre-heating from the bottom, made of imported high quality heater, will heat the PCB evenly to avoid deformation and keep solder effect; heating board is independently controlled;

Equipped with different hot air nozzles, easy to replace and able to locate in any angle.

Can handle 775 socket, 478 socket, XBOX360, PS2/3 etc.