About us

We are proud to offer a wide range of specialist services, these include:

Printed Circuit Board Prototyping manufacture and verification

Using this manufacturing data we will then manufacture, in house, a small number of initial Printed Circuit Board Assembled samples in order for our Design engineers to test and verify and to embed Firmware software that has been written and developed in parallel processing with the PCB layout stage of operations.

If you already have all of your Printed Circuit Board Prototype manufacturing data send your Gerber Information, Specifications and Bills Of Materials to us for a quotation.

Design and function sign off

Once the prototype function, design and operation has been completely tested and verified by us and yourselves, we will make any necessary changes required to the manufacturing data and software and reissue the manufacturing intent production data that will formerly bring the project design stage to its close. We will typically meet with you for project hand over and sign off.

Small to Medium Printed Circuit Board Assembly and testing

We manufacture all types of printed circuit board assembly technologies in house in small to medium volumes. Working from free issued supplied kits to full component sourcing, let us take care of all your electronic manufacturing, testing and programming requirements.

If you already have all of your Approved Printed Circuit Board manufacturing data available, send your Gerber Information, Specifications and Bills Of Materials to us, in confidence, for a quotation.

Our manufacturing capability includes:

Through Hole, PTH Capability.
  • 1 x Universal Instruments 6241B Axial / sequencer Inserter with 60 component stations.
  • 1 x Universal Instruments 6348A Radial component inserter with 40 component stations, 2.5/5.0mm insertion.
  • Manual inspection stations.
  • Manual assembly stations.
SMT Assembly Capability.
  • Semi automatic paste screen printer.
  • 3 x Juki 760L SMT pick and place machines.
  • 1 x Heller reflow Oven.
  • Manual inspection stations
  • Manual assembly stations.
Through-hole, SMT manual assembly.
  • Some components can't be surface-mounted, so we'll use through-hole and SMT assembly to affix them to your board.
  • Through hole involves placing components by hand and feeding metal wires through holes on the board, where the reverse side has solder applied to it, to keep it in place.
  • SMT components held in place and soldered in position by various hand soldering techniques, both processes are in accordance with IPC.
If you feel that Eagle SMT would be the right fit for your company’s needs please get in touch.